Red Wine Hangovers music tastes just the way I like my music to taste!!
— Tracii Guns "Founding member - Guns N' Roses"
“Red Wine Hangover, like a fine wine, brings back real Rock N’ Roll with substance. Cade’s guitar playing has helped restore my faith in the next generation of rock musicians!”
— Kenny Olson "Guitar - Kid Rock"
“Sometimes there are hidden treasures in your own backyard... and I’ve found one in “Blue As Your Eyes”. Red Wine Hangover is a great Nashville band that we get the pleasure of waving the flag for.”
— ZIGZ "Program Director 102.9 The Buzz - Nashville, TN"
.........As far as newer music, it’s a combination of things. Not having a true competitor in the market, we don’t need to go very far out on the branch when it comes to new music. We play itpretty safe, but if something comes along and catches my ear, thankfully I have the freedom here to go ahead and put the song on the air. As a perfect example, Red Wine Hangover out ofNashville. Their song “Blue As Your Eyes” caught my ear immediately, plugged it in for some night time test spins, loved the way it sounded on the air, and put it in rotation. Kindof like what radio was like when I first started.
“I’m not going to lie, when I first heard the single, I listened to it, I enjoyed it, and it sat on my desk for a couple weeks until the band showed up at Club L.A. to play. I’ve been in this business 16 years and am not an A&R guy, but I have been instrumental in helping several bands get signed to major labels and I’m pretty confident in my ability to know a hit record when I hear it. From note one, I was enthralled with Red Wine Hangover’s performance. I literally sat at the FOH soundboard for the entire set and was blown away. The passion, the energy, and the soul that comes from these 3 guys is uncanny and refreshing. They’re one of those bands that when you see them live, the music really moves you. It’s reminiscent of early STP, but with another element added in that’s hard to define, but it is truly palpable when the band hits the stage. We’re looking forward to having them back in town with Hinder in January of 2015.”
— GONZO "Program Director 103.1 The Blaze - Destin, FL